How to teach Latin to my kids?

I am home schooling my two kids and I would like to teach them Latin. What is the best approach?

Hi hop88
As you know, this forum is created for studying and improving English. :wink: Latin is a dead language, you children may just learn winged expressions for their outlook or some terms dealing with medicine :wink:

Hi hop88

Welcome to the forum. :smiley:

I’d say a little additional information might be helpful.

Do you know Latin yourself? (Sorry if this seems a dumb question.)
How old are the kids?


I think Latin language is the mother language of all european languages and i think it’s so difficult to learn it …

But ,I think the most difficult languages in the world are The Arabic and Chinese languages . :roll: :smiley:


Why Latin?
Do you want them to be doctors?
Sounds good, doctors make a lot of money.
Otherwise there are some other languages they could learn first. I mean it’s non of my business but I think it might be more fun to learn a language that people actually speak.
First of all you can practise with people alive, and besides there will be places where you can talk to people you couldn’t before.
Actually you’re right, it’s not much compared to be a doctor and making a fortune :slight_smile:
Guys, where can I learn some latin? :slight_smile:

Hi, friends:
In fact, I think we should learn some Latin language, which played a big role for other european languages, like Italian, German, Spanish (am I right? :stuck_out_tongue: ) . There are many similarities among these languages, that is interesting.
Now I am learning Japanese(I have to :stuck_out_tongue: ). I find it easier to learn Japanese because there are many Chinese characters in it, which makes me feel familiar , Of course my interests in learning Japanese are developing.
Hi, Herc, Frankly, to me every language is hard to learn, including of my mother language. I still have many new words to learn, :oops: What’s funny , is that sometimes I don’t know the word I am reading, I feel it very new in mind, finally I would think whether it is Chinese or not. :lol: That’s to say, to learn a language depends on how much you will use it.
We learn English because now many people are learning it, which is used around the world. But must I learn Japanese? No, I needn’t . Because I may not work for some Japanese company in the future , but I have to get two scores for it. :lol: Here there are many languages training courses that you can choose any to learn as long as you can pay the huge fee. In the past years people have been crazy for learning English (still hot now), but now German , French , Japanese and Spanish are becoming hot , many people run after that , gradually they don’t know why they study those langugaes. Who knows that? because of commercial opportunities or going abroad ,? I don’t know that … If we can’t use our own languages well, we can use other languages well??? :roll: (Personal viewpoints) , Well, I am totally lost in my own words.
Anyway, Be happy with your language learning, whatever it is Latin, English,German, Arabic , Chinese , French and so on. :lol:


You’ll need loads of determination, dicipline, organisation, patience and many other ingredients, probably. Making it fun is essential, but quite a challenge, too, I should imagine – the choice of resources available can’t be very wide.

I know that teaching your own children can be a difficult job, although it should turn out to be a rewarding experience, too.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi, Herc

I saw lots of quite different results.
You know, it (the difficulty) depends very much on the native language of a learner. Not to mention other factors that influence the resuts and make such investigations quite difficult.

By the way, as I know, more or less stable result is that from European languages the most-difficult-to-learn are Hungarian and Finnish.

Hungarian is easy, here in Hungary even three years old kids can speak it :slight_smile:

:lol: :roll: :lol: Classic Spencer.

spencer, you are inimitable even in English :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol:
Nice one Spencer


Hi guys

I have heard this :

If you want to make a discussion with your loved , you should use French language…
French language is a love language or romantic language .

If you are at the battle and you see many soldiers around you , you should use German language…
German language is a Military language and I think Russian language too .

If you want to be a successful person at your business and your projects , you have to use English language …
English language is a business language .

What is your opinion ? :roll:

P.S. what about Arabic and Chinese languages ?
Hey Fangfang , Have you heard any words about them ? . :smiley: :wink:


Spencer, but don’t forget that unlike grown-ups little children can easily and for a short period of time percieve any new language, to learn its nuances. That is the children’s nature, as you know :wink: But I understand your subtle humour. :wink: You’re brilliant :wink:

The Roman Emperor ,Carl V, used to say that German is meant for talking with God,French with friends, German with an enemy, Italian with the female sex,specifying that Russian language absorbed all the peculiar characteristics of these languages. :wink:

Hi guys,
I’m happy you liked my post about those three-year old people who already speak proper Hungarian, but it’s true!
I just saw two of them talking to each other aloud!
They’re planning to take over the world.
You’ll see. :slight_smile:

Herc, here come some sayings about Chinese and Arabic:
If we don’t understand something we say: It sounds Chinese to me.
We don’t have no sayings about Arabs, so I made up one for you:
If you want to talk to Arabs in their mother language, you have to speak Arabic. :slight_smile:
I hope you like them :slight_smile:


If I still remember (from my school years) that classic phrase right,
one of the famous kings (??) told something like:

It’s proper to use French talking with friends, German- with enemies, Italian – with women, Spain – when talking with God.

I’d add (suppose :)): Arabian – to tell fairly tales.

P.S. Ooops… sorry. Didn’t see Pamela’s post…

Anyway, alsmost the same :slight_smile:


I think you forget to learn language of deaf people …!!
what about it??? :? :lol:

yes you are right, the language is very important for us and without language we can’t communication together,and most word languages came from original language…

English,German,french,and most european languages came from Latin language.

Arabic,hebrew came from aramaic language.

spencer …!!!

do you know?
there are a lot of children their age less than 3 years and they aren’t Arabic people and they don’t speak Arabic too , but they read the Qoran in Arabic better than any original araby…


Hi, Herc. I never heard that. :lol: But I am told that my mother language is hard to many foreigners. In fact, some friends can speak Chinese very good, I admire them very much. And about Arabic I think it sounds like the Heaven Book. :lol: Generally speaking, among these languages Italian and Spanish are music languages, I like to hear people speaking them, :smiley: . I think every language has her characteristics, which is amazing.
MMM, why must we speak English ? You know there are still many people who don’t speak English, but I think we have the common feelings , maybe we should invent a new language that everyone can speak it and understand each other without any translation. Possible or Impossible? :roll: :wink: :lol:

Oops, Tamara .Surely, my post corresponds to yours. Spanish-when talking with God. Perhaps I was sleepy and mixed up these two languages.