How to start English learning?

Dear sir madam,

I am Manivannan from India, My mother Tongue is Tamil. I am trying to get a complete knowledge in english. My questions are

Where to start english?
Where to end it?
What are all the continuous improvement to be needed in english language?

The above questions are all inmind without any answer, so please give me the answers. And i like to thank you for this english learning via internet and email.

Thanking You,

Yours respectively,
Manivannan Kamaraj.

Hello, Manivannan-- and welcome to

Your questions are all very broad, and some have no single good answer.

1-- Where to start English?

---- a) Start right here. What specific point about the language do you not understand? Please ask us.
---- b) Start with your grammar book. Read through it. Write some practice sentences.
---- c) Start in your neighborhood. Find an English speaker to talk to.

2-- Where to end it? – It NEVER ends, Manivannan, even for a native speaker.

3-- What are all the continuous improvement to be needed in English language?-- There is certainly no space to list them here, but you might want to think in terms of the 4 basic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Each of these have their own difficulties to overcome and their own rewards for success.

I hope this helps a little.

Hello, Mister Micawber

Thank you for your reply. your answers cleared my basic doubts about how to handle english.Now i am using the following site for english grammer,

Could you please refer the site and give me suggestion about it.

once again thankyou,

Manivannan Kamaraj

Hello Manivannan Kamaraj,

Welcome to and thanks for your introduction. You can start learning English by completing take this test and telling me your test result.

Best regards and good luck,

TOEIC listening, photographs: An office meeting[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hello, Torsten

i had answerd 5 questions coorrectly.

Hi Torsten,

I am not a beginer.I can read & write it quite well but while speaking, I find it difficult. people who speak good english says that I speak with loads of gramitical errros.Will you please help me how should I speak and write or how should I start my learning.

Eagerly awaiting your reply.

Warm Regards,