How to speak 'take a day off' in a polite way?


I have one question that how to speak ‘take a day off’. For example,a worker tells his/her boss that he/she wants to take a day off on April 17. Maybe he can speak in this way. But if he wants to take a day off for 3 days or one month. How to speak this kind of situation? And in Taiwan,if we wanna take a day off,we tell our boss the reason,like going to see the doctor,something has to be processed myself. And it’s up to his/her company that the boss will pay half pay or pay full pay of a day. Please also let me know if you dont make sense what am I talking about. Thanks for inadvance.

Not ‘speak’, Maggie-- ‘ask for’, ‘ask for a day off’.
‘Wanna’ is not English-- it is used only as orthographic representation in dialogue, as the pronunciation of ‘want to’.

As for your question-- just change the numbers, and be more polite for longer periods:

Mr. Jones, I wonder if I could have a day off next week?
Mr. Jones, do you think it might be possible for me to have the second week of April off?

Giving reasons for these requests is always helpful also.

*Which one is correct?

(1) I have the day off tomorrow.

(2) I have a day off tomorrow.

  • Is it ok to say …

    Mr. Jones, I wonder if I could have three-day off from tomorrow?

Both 1 and 2 are fine.

I would say -

I wonder if I could have/take three days off as from/starting with tomorrow.