How to say Thank you

Hello Toresen’

I’m Thai. To say Thank you in Thai Language is “Khob khun Kha” for women and “Khob khun krab” for men.


Hi Torsten,
I beg your pardon. I spelled your name incorrect when I sent the last massage. I will be careful next time.



I am Iranian, In Persian we say “Mamnoon” or “Mersi”

In Viet Nam we say Cam on :slight_smile:

Hi all, I am Indonesian, here we say “terima kasih”

thank you

Hello folks!

I’m Brazilian and here we say “obrigado” when thank someone.

Thank you.

i’m algerian ; in my country we say ( saha) or ( merci )

I’m from a speakeng spanish country and we say " GRACIAS or MUCHAS GRACIAS"

Hi I am from Pakistan and in my country we say Shukriya meaning thank you.

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Hi Guys! My name is Tomás and I’m from Mozambique. Here we have many languages, but in my region we just speak two of them. In portuguese we say “Obrigado” and in my local language we say “Khanimambo”. Thank you.