How to say "Hello" with strangers on the internet?

Internet is different from our real world. So it’s different to say “hello” here from what we do in the real life. Sometime it’s easier, sometimes it’s different. So how to say “Hello” with strangers on the internet, he/she will replay to you?

Good heavens - the Internet is so much different from the real world.
It’s a lot different saying “hello” here than how its done in real life.
Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes not. So how do you say “Hello” to strangers on the internet, and will he or she say hello back?

Hello Siina Hmmmm? - I guess that must be a yes :slight_smile:

Hi Political,

Thank you for your reply. Hmm, maybe I pay much attention on the replying, or maybe I expect too much on their attitudat of the strangers. You know Asia people pay more attention on emotion than anything else. So if we don’t get what we want, the satisfaction is hard to get. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it’s my attention wrong.^^*

Satisfaction? - After Mick Jagger sang “Satisfaction” I would leave it alone. :slight_smile:

Attention/Achtung - might be a better idea.

Especially if there is any Germans(Fritz’s) about :-).

Hi Siina,

or “Gimme more o’ ya whiskey, ya ol’ fool!” if you are greeting any Northern Irish (Conor’s) :slight_smile:


Sometimes its better to just wave but you cant really
do that on the internet. But Heres Michael showing you how
to wave when dining out - (Michael knows all the pretty girls) :slight_smile:

So that’s what Michael looks like! Why, he looks just like a Leprechaun!

Well Claud apart from ther fact leprechauns are only a small fraction of the size of the Aldi German in the Restaurant - I have yet to meet one with a fetish for leather pants and braces.

Maybe a punk leprechaun? :slight_smile:

At least you have met Leprechauns. I have yet to meet an “Aldi German”.

It is common knowledge that Leprechauns indulge in their leather fetish behind closed doors. Still, I found one who doesn’t seem to be so shy. The one with the three-cornered hat looks an awful lot like he’s wearing leather breeches (the braces are hidden beneath his vest): … re=related

That’s me pot o’ gold, ya bastards!


This conversation is very interesting but I can’t decide ho won? The hansom Irish fellow or the nice German blonde. I thought that this site is not for fight, or perhaps this is a kind of flirt.If is then I mist something. By the way I lived a few months in Ireland and I find the people and the country weary nice. I have been many times in Germany, and I had many German colleges hear in UK. I have only good experiences, but always are exceptions. In my opinion there is two kind of people in the world if we forgot the nationality or religion and others good and bad. Sorry I entered in this discussion but I felt that is no reason to blame each other nation. I think both nations made they mistakes along the History and is no reason to blame somebody for it, or perhaps we can the politicians or the priests. Thank you for listening me, have a nice evening a nice weekend and forget the fight because the worst thing in the world I think is the war, and the best thing is Love. By and Love

Regards Attila

Aldi–Lydl–Little --Little German

you can take a horse to water.

Really? I can win something here?

Hm . . . the “Aldi–Lydl–Little German” has more brains, the bigger muscles and the better looks, while the Leprechaun depends entirely on luck. :wink:


… and magic. Don’t forget the leprechaun’s magic, Claudia!

no match for an elf!


I thought the Aldi craic was not to bad for me EIISSM
Obviously my talents are wasted here. :frowning:

I have never “sulked” on this forum as you call it?
Sulking is when you don’t post for weeks/months at a time…
Its not your fault if you don’t get what i mean sometimes(funny or not)
Or even occasionally when you wrongly think you do.

So let me get this straight: if a forum member doesn’t post for a longer period of time, he or she is sulking???

Then there are many, many sulking people on forums.

You think you know what I understand and what I don’t? lol
Hehe, you are clearly too serious. It’s just fun!


You saying Im too serious?

Nah - Im not gonna respond to that.