How to register on the forum?

Dear Torsten,

How would i register to your site? Can u send me the link again and kindly i have this big confusion about using its and it`s…Help me out in this regard.

I shall be grateful to you. Waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

Hello Noman86,

You must be registered already as otherwise you would not be able to post here using that user-name.
As long as you remember the password you used when you submitted Noman86 as your user-name, you can log on to the forums any time from the top of the page or from the home page:

With regard to its and it’s:

it’s is short for ‘it is’ (or occasionally for ‘it has’). If you cannot substitute the longer version, then use its.
Its is a determiner used to show belonging/possession.

How to log in on using english
Can you Explain me the steps that how to log in

Sai Shandilia.

Hello Sai Shanilda,

Go direct to:
and choose to log in as a user.
Enter your username and password.
Your username is Saishandili.
Your password is whatever you chose when you first registered on the site.
These details must be entered exactly as you first specified.
Once you are logged in you can choose a relevant forum and start a new topic with your question.