How to prepare for the TOEFL?

Hi Torstent,
i hope ur fine and in good health,i have question im good in english my agreed in highskool in english subject always A
do u think i well take time for getting ToEFL and plz i wanna site show me how i can get the Toefl and what kind in question can showes up in the ToEFl exam
thank u
peace out

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Hi College Girl,

Thanks a lot for your interesting question. You want to study at university or college in the UK and that’s why you are looking for information on how to prepare for the TOEFL. Well, there are some basic steps you can take towards improving your English language skills.

First of all, it’s always a good idea to make sure you know how to spell a word. For example, if you don’t know the correct spelling of the word «high school» you can write it the way you think it is spelled and type it into Google and see what happens.
So, if you type in «highskool» and click on «search», Google says: «Did you mean: “high school?”» And yes, of course you mean «high school». This way you can communicate with Google and improve your spelling — something that is very important if you want to apply for a place at college or university in the UK.

Also, if you write a message in English on a forum you should try to stick to the standard form of written English. Instead of «plz i wanna site show» you might want to write «… it would be good if someone could show me a site with TOEFL related information».

Now, in answer to your question, as you know the TOEFL is a test that evaluates your knowledge of English in an academic context. So, the first step for you is to read the definitions of the sciences in English. What is your favourite science? What would you like to study at university? Find a subject of interest and get reading materials containing appropriate vocabulary.
There is no short cut to taking the TOEFL — the best preparation for that test is to practise your English on a regular basis. You can do that by reading newspaper articles, communicating with other students via email or on forums, listen to tapes in English, watch TV reports etc. In addition, there are good resources available containing specific TOEFL test materials. We can exchange ideas here on the forum — let’s take it one step at a time, OK?

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Hi Tursten,
I would just ask you if I can take my toefl exam and consider my self prepared for 4 weeks preparation? You see my native language was tagalog I dont know if you are familiar on that language. But our school gave us some english subject I wish that I used those english skills way back in high school so I cannot feel some butterflies running in my stomach.

Sorry I mean flying inside my stomach.