How to prepare for the TOEFL speaking section?

Hi. I am sanju and I have recently started to prepare for toefl. can anyone tell me abt the speaking section in the pattern.I am preparing on my own. Any sugesstion is welcomed.

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Hi Sanju,

The best preparation for the speaking section of the TOEFL is to improve your English. You need to surround yourself with spoken English on a daily basis. How much time do you spend listening to English very day and what do you listen to?

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I am in New York so i guess i hear English almost everywhr. I wath tv daily especially cartoon channels(as my daughter likes to watch it often). I also watch News, english movies…

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What majors do you intend to study? I’m asking because the TOEFL tests how well you can use English in an academic setting. In addition to watching cartoon channels you might want to listen to audio materials that are related to topics that you will cover at university.

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I have decided to do M.S in Business Information Systems or Master of Business Administration. So my major is somewat related to Management studies and computers.

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Have you tried to get audio recordings related to business information systems and management studies? Go to the local libraries in your town, ask at the universities, browse the business section at – make sure you get enough material to keep you busy listening for several hours every day for the next few months.

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Thank you very much Torsten, I will surely follow your advice. Can you tell more about the speaking section and how to improve speaking skills.

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In the TOEFL speaking section you are given a statement of question and you have to prepare a ‘mini-presentation’ on that topic. You need to be able to express your opinion in clear and fluent English. For example, they might ask you you think about ‘global warming’. So in order to prepare for the TOEFL section you should take part in ongoing forum discussions where you can learn how to practice expressing your opinion. In addition, you can start a forum discussion by asking a question such as this: Do you work to live or live to work?

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hi Torsten. I understand that I need to make a presentation after a topic is given.My question is how long should I have to talk? How much time will be given to prepare? who will be listening to my presentation?

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Hi Sanjujahir,

There are several speaking tasks you have to complete. The preparation time for each tasks is between 15 and 30 seconds while the speaking time is between 45 and 60 seconds. There will be a panel of TOEFL examiners listening to your responses.

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