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You seem to have managed it. :slight_smile:

I got into a fight today with my law professor (a sitting Superior Court Judge) over the difference between Patron and Customer. He argued as you argue

'A PATRON is a ‘Supporter’ of something (A Patron of the Arts) or a user of something (Charley Sheen Bordello Patron). A ‘Customer’ is someone that ‘consumes’ something, not necessarily a paying customer (Loaves & Fishes is a shelter that services ‘Homeless Customers’).

My argument is, post Y2K America, one can both be a Patron and a Customer and not buy anything. So why do I need your settling the matter?

2003 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) SF Ordinance 114105, 114120, 440.5) toilet facilities SHALL be provided to PATRONS; in establishments with more than 20K sq foot, where on site liqour is served and were food is sold for immediate consumption. I argue, in San Francisco, you don’t have to pay to use a toilet as simply being a PATRON will suffice. Forget about the Business Logic of maintaining a public restroom; I’m just defining my right to use it if it is there.