How to ovecome scares speaking in English?

hi Eveybody,

I’m bijo from India, I wish to join ur english forum group so am scare to speak english so that i can’t speak can i overcome from this problem. Kindly give suggestions and instrution for solving this situation.



This is Harish frm Jaipur,Rajasthan…as you stated that u have a problem in english speaking…so u can overcome this problem by speaking infront of mirror…this will boost up ur confidence…secondly,u can form a group with ur frndz who are also interested in improving dere english…so that u all agreed on that whenever u talk to each other talk in english…by adopting these steps u will definetely improve ur english…ok frnd…

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Hi Bijo,

I think you need to practice more because “practice makes perfect”. Here’s some tips:

Watch English Tv shows & films
chat in the net (preferably Americans)
Read forums as what you’re doing now
Read English books
there’s some blogs in our school’s homepage you can browse through it if you like.

Hi Bijo,
i understand what you mean by saying that you feel shy and embarrased when using English. I had the same problem and that’s how i think i sorted it out. I tried finding some native speakers of English in my home country and, gradually, I got used to speaking the language in a more confident way.
However, if you don’t find any, you can look for online native speakers. Internet can really shorten long distances:)
talking to another person in english would be more fun than just watching tv or listening to radio

Don’t be shy and be proud of speaking 2 languages!