How to learn sentence structures?

Hi All,

I would like to know whether any book(s) are available in market which starts with explaining elementary sentence formation principle to advanced sentence formation structures. I was really looking for this type of book for long time.

I know reading lot of English will make one to write well…Please let me now whether any book available to explain sentence types…


Hi Alam/Conchita,

Please advise …


Have you tried googling “English sentence structure” (for example), Mangal?

I got so many books in that list and would like to get expert advise on this…

Hi Mangal,

As you mentioned yourself – the best method of learning the structure of English sentences is to read a lot. When you understand what you read, you also start to understand the structure of English sentences.

Hope this makes sense.
PS: Advise is a verb while advice is a noun so your sentence should read I’d like some expert advice on this.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thanks for your advice Torsten. Let me read a lot