How to learn English?


Hi,I watch english movie a lot and most of the time talk with myself in english and even think in’s very helpful for me.
I watch movie sometimes without subtitles the problem is i can get the main idea but not all the words that’s why i dont know is it good or not?will u please share ur idea with me?


Im gonna talk a little bit how i leared myself, the basic english i got in school but the others thing i did by mysefl just by watching Movies, Tv Shows,interviews.


Hi!, Torsten,

I’m pleased to join this forum.
My best way of learning English is using an “online English lesson”.
The lesson has a 25 minutes per 1 lesson. I take this everyday.
Because this is an online lesson, we can take at home.
The company is a Japanese company in Philippin, so the tuition fee is cheeper than it in Japan.Most of the teachers are charming and their pronouncing is beautiful.
So I enjoyed the lessens now.
It is the best way for me.



Hello everyone,
I think is the best way to learn language, listening, reading and speaking English words. Online English lesson is very imortant. In first time, it is not matter if you have mistake in grammar. it is important not to be afraid to speak English.
Best regrades!


Hi… thanks for the A2A.

How I started learning English for my Bank Exam.

One thing to Always remember is, Nothing in this world can be gained without hardship. For sure you can improve in your English.

The key to Learning not just English but also any other thing in this universe, is Practice.

The more you practice the better you get.

Steps to be taken:

Make sure your Fundamentals are strong as the Fundamentals will always be the Fundamentals they will never change.
Make sure your pronunciations are spot on.
Read a lot, while you are reading, read it out loud so that your ears can hear the pronunciations and the sound of the words.

Write, practice writing as much as you can, try to correct yourself.Start speaking in the language, it’s okay to make mistakes, never be afraid of making mistakes, cuz we humans learn best from our mistakes.

Enjoy the language, Try to find a reason of why do you want to learn the language. There has to be a strong reason behind your desire to learn or else you will stop mid-way.

Do not force anything, everyone has their own pace of grasping things give yourself enough time.
Love the language, embrace it with your body and soul and the language will return itself to


I believe as is was said before reading might help to improve your English and of course using it when ever you can.