How to learn English?


Good morning Torsten,

In my opinion, listening, repeat and dictation are very useful methods for language learners. Listening and repeat can help them accustom to the English pronounciation and intonation; dictation accumulate vocabulary. With these three methods, speaking and writing are not as difficult as we thought.


Learning English mainly by the unconscious.


I’m really enjoying in this forum, thank for all who are writing on this page :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your tips :slight_smile:


Watching BBC and CNN, to get both BrE and AmE and it will help me in my work as I work a translator for News.


Dear All,
Good morning , How are you today.
I try to improve english on differen ways,
As a first I leaern english online,do online test, write on our forum,
and also try to listen audio conversation , read newspapers et.
If you have same other way to recommaeded pleas write on forum.

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If I made mistekes in my post , please correct me,

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Hello fellows,
To learn english with consistency, I read out loud at least an hour a day, then I watch a few episodes of sitcoms but before I read the subtitles to know what will be said, but I have to be honest that I’m having trouble with grammar.


hi everybody,
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I want to practice speaking english to improve my skills. Can anyone practice with me through skype?
Give me your skype nick :slight_smile: we talk together through skype to upgrade our skills of english.
Okie ?


Hi Torsten,

I read books, I listen to audio books and podcasts, I take some conversational English lessons, I exchange language with some friends and I watch movies usually with subtitles.

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Hello everyone,

I am very pleased about your new topic how to learn English faster. I really do like it especially your recommendation. I really enjoy your initiative to hear English Spokane, 15 minutes at morning and 15 minutes at afternoon.
I will start from tomorrow.

In fact I do read almost everyday English materials because of my job. I have to make papers in order to achieve some goals that my job required.

But does it work? Is it enough only to read? what do you think?


Day one

Hello everyone or from my country is Good evening…right now is 11:07 p.m. – i.e. seven past eleven.

Today I’ m not feeling well; right now I am with temperature…anyway this didn’t stop me to reach the goal of listening at least 15 minutes in morning and in afternoon English speaking.
Today I was tuned to CNN (almost because is more American speech), BBC and other entertainment channels…

The main theme of CNN was the Benzaghi attach where the US ambassador to Libya killed. Was shock new even for us in Albania? Smth that courios me almost is that CNN even BBC are focused (most of their programme or their live connection) on East countries news as Iran, Irak, Siria, Egypt even today Libya.
I tried to be concentrated to their arguments.

Below are some things that I tried to remember:

Business news is not about numbers…forget the numbers…Quest means business is another CNN program.
Beautiful dreamers…. what is the story? audience…connect the world
Let me make this clear to you….

What impact will has this attack to relationship between USA with Libya?
Also were programs as told above about Muslim realities in east countries where were parents that with many difficulties sent their children at school…. an awful reality from the other side walls full of bullets and the other side children going at school…(Libya I guess).

I heard also that the attach was not (as CNN opinion) by the angry people from the funny movie about Mohamed leaders but were caused by Alkaeda….ect

In the morning I heard a reality show TIA and Tamara…two sisters…the camera record all time their life …what they do all long day…Tia; the pregnant one was concerned about her baby because he (is a baby boy) was turned and she could not have a natural delivering…she was concerning because she has only six weeks to came back at work but having a cesarean she has to rest for 8 weeks……ect ect…


Hello everyone,
I am from Philippines. I learn English by reading English articles such religious books, health books, dictionary, etc. I study english by subscribing here. :wink: I want to learn and improve my english for better communication with other foreign people and for better understanding while reading english books. Learning is admirable for me. So, I would like to thank this site for helping us in enhancing our english skill.


dear Torsten

I think that listen to radio or music better than read the letter or magazine to learn faster .
in general my opinion on English learn the listining more important than writing and reading but I don’t know if the my view is correct or no please response me about that.

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I’ll share with you what I did in order to learn English:
The most important has been to getting the basic English kowledge in school.
Beside it, there were other means which helped me to enlarge the vocabulary and observe grammar issues. Here’s what I’ve done :

  • I’ve listened to music in English and I always tried to understand the words of the songs; I did this a lot in my life, even while learning for no matter what exam;
  • I watched all the movies in the original language while reading the translation on the screen - this was very important;
  • often did I hear the action of the movies without looking at the TV-set because I was doing something else: ironing, drawing, cooking, etc.
  • There was a time when I often played games like Monopoly and others with friends who speak only English;
  • There was a time (3-4 years) when I used to read “Reader’s Digest” in English for 20-30 minutes every morning in the tram, on my way to work;
  • I have translated technical books, e-mail, correspondence, when it was needed at work;
  • I used to write letters and now I write e-mail messages to my American friends;
  • when I like a song, I usually want to learn and sing it. So, I look for the lyrics on the Internet or I use the Karaoke - this way I have fun, discover new words, look for their meaning, observe the spelling - you see? four in one :slight_smile:

If I remember something else from my English learning experience, I’ll share it with you some other time.

Now I can say that the most important is that we keep in touch with English language by listening to it and practice it as much as we can.
I also find this 30/30 Challenge very good not only for improving the listening skills, but also for improving our abilityes to speak, to make ourselves understood and to write correctly.


Dear Torsten,

How to learn English?

Honestly, I am still trying to figure it out.
I think the most important thing is motivation and systematic approach to learning.
I wish I could learn English as kids do, effortlessly and not even being conscious of the process. Unfortunately, I am not a child, rather “over the hill” person and I struggle…
Thanks for your lessons, challenges and humorous tests which make me smile.



Good evening everyone
Very difficult to find the right way learn. In my case I used all the possible ways to rise the quality of contact with others. Every day, I’m among the native British.
I do not have contact with other than English language. I listen to the radio all day BBC2. The problem arises from the quality of the language with whom I have
contact. We can speak on the different level of grammar! Appropriate and proffesional learning by a qualified teacher is essential. The rest is in addition
the fixation of the acquired knowledge. I try to correspond with many people in English. Use of the known vocabulary of spellingand speech. I hope that this will
effect the free reign of language. That’s is from me …


Hi Torsten,

To learn english most effectively , we need to speak with english people , the oral practise is very important. to read of the news and to watch films in english.


Hi guys
that’s a good question.I think for those people who exposure to English is difficult and there is no one to speak with them reading book and watching English movies are the best in addition registration at such sites give us an opportunity to communicate with other people and it helps us share whatever we know with other members.Attending to English classes can be helpful too.I try to text my friends in English,those friend who know of the best ways for learning a second language is chatting with a native speaker.I try to use all of materials that I said ,but I don’t know how much I’m successful.
By the way it’s a big deal that you not be shy when you speak with someone else.If so it decrease your progress.I’m shy at speaking and most of the time refuse to speak I think it’s a big barrier that prevent my improvement.
thank you for reading my opinion


Hi Torsten
Thanks for your emails.Ithink my english is gettig better after registering here.
I always listen to BBC world channel when I’m at home and do my work. But sometimes I hear something intersting and I want to translate in my language so I miss the rest of sentences. That’s a problem .I have many problems in speaking and writing in English . I hope improvo my English with using your advice.



Now your success depends on how a lot time you spend hearing every day and on how you listen. When you hear the news, you can attempt to pick up a phrase and write it down as precisely as possible. This doesn’t have to happen immediately. Let’s say you hear a certain phrase over and over again.