How to insert a video or a link

With photos it’s clear: we have the option Add photo / Choose File /Upload.
I did this and it worked.

If I want to insert a video from my computer , should I simply Copy it from the source and then Paste it in my message? Or maybe should I still use Add photo option?

To insert a link to a site, should I simply Copy the address of the link and then Paste it in my message?


To include a link, including a video link, simply copy and paste the URL (web address).

You cannot directly upload a video from your computer at present.

Monica, what kind of video is it? Is the video available on Youtube already or only on your local hard drive?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Last night I wanted to post a message with a video taken from YouTube, but I think that sometimes I might want to add a video or something which is not photo, from my local hard drive.
I wanted to know about both situations. Just in case.

Thank you for replying so quickly!
I love this forum!

I suspect that the bandwidth required to store uploaded videos from people’s hard drives would be too much for the site.

That’s very simple: If the video is on Youtube you can simply copay and paste the URL and the video will be automatically implemented here on the forum. If you want to upload a video from your hard drive, I can give you ftp access to our server and you can upload the video there direct and then copy and past the URL. Either way we can show the videos here on the forum and our server has unlimited space.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I did it! in “Are you a winner?” I copied the URL and pasted it in my message - and it worked!

I love this forum even more now!

About the other situation, when I need, I will ask for the access, right?

Now, thank you very much, dear Beeesnees and Torsten!
It’s so good to know that someone is always here for us!


Sorry Monica, but even if you ask, you are unlikely to be able to load video from your local machine.

All right, I don’t mind :-).
In fact, I’m happy with the video link.