How to get rich quick!

I see, I saw, 've seen and 've been seeing a lot of poverty alleviation programmes, projects and schemes and etc. come in and go out of my jungle.

These people first come in poor and then go out rich when they wrap up their jobs.

My jungle? Poorer and poorer.

I’m thinking to join them to get rich quick in a term, say 6 months and I ride a Mercedes.

How ya sink, eh?

Have fun.

Welfare, welfare, welfare. Wolves’ affairs?

Every welfare is politics and every politics is business.

Business corrupts.

So poverty remains in dignity. No wonder.

Dear would-be Golden Tiger.

Well… Think faster and harder, and try to find the formula, of

the get-rich-quick-scheme.

And then, when you have concocted it , send it to me, as

quickly as you can.

I promise, to use it of the best way, and moreover, to retain

my dignity.

Would-be rich Alicja:))

Formula? Many.

( Business + profession ) - ( humanity + dignity ) = money

Don’t try to move the formula around, you need my permission, it’s copyright.

I’ve got a wild goose to catch.


Among beggars the one with no dignity makes more money. ( Copyright )

Black Knight.

“Don’t try to move the formula around, you need my permission, it’s copyright.”

Am I the trusted person for you,- Black Tiger?

I should be!

I’ll guard your treasure, like my own eye.

I promise!

Only try hard to find it soon.

I’m so impatient person.

I mean…I love travelling by Mercedes.

The Black Knight’s pal.


As I said in my other posts ( You ) is a very sensitive kind of pronouns.

“Don’t try to move the formula around, you need my permission, it’s copyright.”

In above sentence I meant ‘you’ for other readers. Not you my beloved comrade. ( And it was a total joke on myself. I write rubbish. Everybody knows. )

You can publish ( lol ) or edit or rewrite any of my work. You have no limits in my jungle.


They say it’s posh to use 'One/Ones instead of 'You/You (Pl.).

I’m a poor tiger but I love riding Mercedes. Especially on a carpet like highway at 100 mph , it’s like flying on a jet.

But in other kinds of cars, they can become your expensive coffin at 100mph… If you know a car, on which you can rest your dear life , tell me. Volvo? .


Dear Poor Tiger!

I didn’t noticed that any other" YOU" was eager to answer to your

unusually intelligent messages. Oh my…It was very funny, really ,to send me into such ambush.

Moreover, I didn’t know (till now), that there are the special

rules, for this, who want to discuss with you.

But I feel flattered, to be on the special position.

Having such lucrative permission, to have unlimited chance,

I’m going to make use of it.

Now, I think, what to do, so as not to lose this opportunity.

Wouldn’t be suitable, to buy 2 Mercedeses?

It could emphasize , that “ONE” is a very posh person. Isn’t it?


Your faithful comrade, Alicja:)