How to develop my skills? (writing, speaking, listening and reading English)



How to become very wel skilled in English with writing, speaking, listening and reading English not because I wil be teaching that language but chiefly because I love English and would like to beciope a Polyglot.

thanks in advance.

With the GOD’s Love,


Read, read and read. Listen, listen and listen. Talk, talk and talk.


Writer, write and write :wink:

Best answer you could ever get. I am sure you will not like it because it sounds tedious.


Hello Jamie and thanks for your comment. I am very sorry for my very big delay. I no longer was in this platform for years and I had ost my password.

Your advice is very welcome.


Hello Happytofita and thanks for your comment. I met a very good friend from the UK but she has been living in Germany for now. We can write one another in English and I have started exchanging emails and letters with new friends.