How to become bilingual?

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Here’s a topic that I find myself very exciting, to the extent that I wonder, what exactly means.there’is for instance people who speak 2 languages perfectly well but can not translate into each other, they usually can not find the right words when it comes to translation. There are others who can not speak fluently but it’s easy for them to restate words from one language to another. And there is also a factor that also deem atractive; the accent, there is for example this chick called Cindy Taylor, (ring a bell?) not well she’s the hostess of a program called “WILD ON” ON E. entartaiment tv.(cable channel) who has the most beautiful accent not only in English but spanish, she was born in Chile but raised in florida. She manages to place the right word at the right time in both languages, How does she do it? I don’t know it beats me but I love her, she’s gorgeous too.

If you have any comments on this pls fell free to share. :?: :roll:

Hi Richard,

Interesting issue indeed. You are right, there are people who speak two or even more languages fluently because they are exposed to two linguistic communities. For example, children of emigrants obviously have access to two languages - their mother tongue which is spoken at home and the language of the country their parents have moved to. So, the child acquires expressions in both languages. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the child learns how to translate or interpret from one into another language because their vocabulary is different in each language. At home communication is primarily private so the child picks up appropriate expressions. Also, most of the communication at home is oral. At school the child interacts with her teachers as well as her classmates and addition she learns a lot of information covering a range of areas. Communication is oral as well as written. After a while the child will find that in her new (second language) she can express a lot of things which she has never heard or read of in her mother tongue. Hence it is impossible for her to translate a text she read in her physics workbook into her mother tongue.
There are a variety of aspects to this topic and I’m looking forward to learning what you and the other forum members have to say.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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