How to be successful?

Hello everybody,

I’ve just come across this quote by George E. Allen and would like to hear your interpretation and opinion on it:

«People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success
because they don’t know when to quit…»[YSaerTTEW443543]

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a blind chicken will also find some seed at a time?

torsten, I hope this is not meant to describe some of the users…

«People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit…»
I think, we all were born to achieve something in the world. Simply, we need to be industrious and it doesn’t matter what kind of ability we have.

Dear Naufragis,

If you take some time to analyse successful people you will see that they excel in just one discipline and that is not intelligence, logical thinking, education etc. The one single factor that sets them apart from other is consisteny, the ability to follow through. I understand that the word ‘medicore’ might sound a bit provocative but replace that with another more neutral adjective and it the statement makes sense. I’m sure you will find many examples showing that your persistence is more important when it comes to achieving a goal than most of your other traits.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Lina, I agree with you - every person is unique and has their talents and gifts. Your level of success depends on how you use and develop your resources.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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A very good idea, Tosrten! I absolutely agree with you!!!

Hallo everybody,
Torsten has opened up a new subject that I think interests us all.
The reason why people of no great abilities or skill do succeed
is quite simply because they know what they want and have decided to concentrate on ONLY that one thing until they have got it. They are not prepared to compromise their values, ethics, principles, decisions etc. OR they do compromise their values etc. just to get what they want. They are that determined that they have the staying power through all kinds of trials and errors. When they are down, they simply get up, brush off the dust and carry on.
I think the main power comes through having a definite purpose,
mission, belief or life philosophy because that is the source of the spiritual energy that fuels the fire.
There is a saying about success which reads :
That means money, opportunities, friends, contracts, travel,
etc. and most of all; happiness, self-worth, self-actualisation,
self-realisation and a feeling of being in harmony with yourself
and the universe.
The main problem for most of us is deciding exactly what we want or what we want to be. According to a mathematical equation, 20% of the world population know exactly what they want and who they are, and the other 80% have no real idea.
So I think the answer is :
KNOWING WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, what you really enjoy doing, and who you want to be and certainly having a definite purpose, mission, belief or life philosophy.
The other clich? qualities which one reads about like -
Definite Decision, Passion & Fire, Will Power, Discipline,
Die Hard, Never Give Up, Go to bed early, Get up early,
etc. I think will follow on quite naturally as a basic motivation.
I think most of us equate success with stacks of money.
I do certainly because money is freedom, but just money alone will not create my happiness. There are enough millionaires out there to confirm that. No, success is also being myself, and making personal achievements however big or small. I want to the feeling of having mastered particular skills. I also want to be doing something I really enjoy and have a mission & purpose. I enjoy writing, drawing, travelling, drama/acting, starting new creative projects, teaching English & cross-cultural subjects, climbing, scuba-diving, learning something new everyday, pioneering work of any kind, keeping up with all new developements in the world, cultures ancient and new, psychology, esoteric subjects, metaphysics, yoga.
I would like to build a self-sustaining house made of natural materials and with alternative energy, learn to fly a aeroplane,
learn to drive a formula 1 racing car, learn to be a shoalin priest and kung-fu master, a samurai warrior, a statesman, an astronaut, a jet fighter pilot, start a new school of education containing a balance of esoteric and exoteric subjects for the coming generations of children and adults, start a new political party based on the Libertarian party of the USA and the Yoga system of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita in India.
I?ve decided I need at least 500 years on this planet to get all this and lots more things done.
If I don?t reach 500 then I?ll be coming back a few times more.
What do you all think about that???

dear bruce,

you … just want too much.
and I think that if you don’t give up spending so much time on thinking about what you want you’ll never get to the point to achieve…

best wishes

Hi Torsten and Bruce ! Are you successful?

Hi Pressman,

Many thanks for your contribution. Yes, of course we are successful. What about you?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Yes, of course

Hi Naufragis,
I do a lot and have done a lot in my life.
I am not a coach potatoe, rather the opposite.
Yes, I think a lot, learn a lot, am creative and
enthusiastic about a lot of things.
Thinking is spiritual, creative and self-realisation.
Thinking is the beginning of everything.
Great feats of achievement have all started
with a idea and thinking, initiating, inventing, discovering
planning etc. which then gets transfered into practical
reality through initiative, planning, desire and enthusiasm.
You are what you think.
You are what you do.
I am here to share my thoughts and enthusiasms -in English of-course - and would like to hear more from
our readers and members.
I am not shy about my dreams and wishes.
You have some interesting, intelligent and creative ideas to share and I love that.
The more we learn the more we understand and the less we judge.
I look forward to answering your Colours posting soon.
I’m still tied up with translation work til Tuesday, but I can manage to answer a few postings in between.
Best Wishes, Bruce.