How relevant is Toeic score? Not in my case!

I don’t want to use this forum for showing my score, but to give an insight about how relevant is toeic score related to your English level.

I got a 980 one week ago, but as I was saying, it does not reflect my command in English. I wouldn’t give myself more than 850 in any circumstances. Still, probably a good concentration during test helped a lot. But generaly, I am somewhere at 800 level or below.

I am not a fan of this tests, usualy they restrict your free thinking and those with no deep analithical capabilities are among the best (seams I am one of them:)). I was never used with this kind of test format, but after gmat and now toeic I am much more confortable. And obviousely, my toeic proves once again the lacks of this format.

Hi nicubila,

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts. Could you please tell us again what you are trying to say? I mean, why did you take the TOEIC in the first place? 980 sounds like a very high score to me, you should be happy to have achieved this result.
What do you do? What are you plans for the next couple of weeks?

TOEIC short conversations: Storing boxes at an office[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten

To be directly to the point (It’s the second time I write the reply, something went wrong), the main thing about my experience is that the Toeic does not reflect my command in English. Even if it’s said in their papers that there is a high correlation between the reading and listening and writing and speaking, in my case they are pretty wrong. For this score I should be a guru, but I do have difficulties in speaking and especially writing (almost for all my writings I use the speller from MS Word).
I was surprised by the score big time, but of course, i don’t mind it at all. Just that the institution that rely on toeic scores should be more careful about it.
Still, some explanation could be for this score. I prepared for 4 months for gmat, with focus on verbal. So it should explain. Anyway, I chouse to take toeic because for toefl all the places were booked in advanced for few months here in France, and my application deadlines for IESE MBA were too close.

All the best to everyone on this forum,