How old are you guys?

I have been here for a little time, and i realiaze that all of you are so serious :x i know learning english is not easy but you can have fun with it, like you can chat with othe people who speak english,listening music, make a crossword or play scrabble, anything to improve your level and enjoy at the same time.

But you all the time just talk about rules and asking questions, that is good but let’s go to talk about another thing like

What movie did you watch last weekend?

P:d Sorry for my mistakes :shock:

Hi Witch,

Many thanks for your comments. As you can see we have divided our forum into several sections - there is one subforum where you can get explanations on the tests Alan has written. You certainly will agree that there are many people who want to know why a certain word of phrase is correct in this or that context so yes, this part of the forum is about rules and asking questions.
Then, there is the subforum called ‘What do you want to talk about’ which is open to nearly any topic as long as you try to express your thoughts in English.

Yes, learning should be fun and having a good sense of humour is an essential ingredient to success in any calling. As for your question in the subject line of your message - we are of various ages.

What you - what movie did you watch last weeekend? Can you see American films in the original version in Venezuela?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: Have you gone to lunch yet?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Witch!!!
A great idea, by the way!!! ))) As for the film I watched last week…well, I watched my favourite one…“Equilibrium” (im not sure whether the name in English is written in this way :D ) Well, and also my favourite Russian one "72 metres"..Its really worth seing)))

Hi Jailbird,

Yes, you’ve spelled the word ‘Equilibrium’ correctly. Do you mean the movie with Christian Bale and Emily Watson about the future society in which human emotion is forbidden? And people are so depressed that they have to take a drug called Prozium and there is that agent John Preston administering the drug?
Did you see the film in the original version? What are cinemas in Moscow like these days? I mean, what is the percentage of American vs. Russian films they show? Also, how much is a cinema ticket?
What about that second film you mentioned - ‘72 metres’ - what is it about?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: Do you want juice or milk?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten!
Yeah, I meant that very film, but I didnt see it in the cinema..I just watched it at home))) As for Russian cinemas, I suppose we have 80 % of foreign films & the other 20 %-Russian ones...Well, I think so))) And the second film-"72 metres"- is a Russian one, and its a drama with humorous episodes (brilliant in fact!!!) Its very realistic, and if Im not mistaken it was produced after the tragedy with our submarine KURSK…Well, it`s really a wonderful Russian film, about wonderful, brave Russian submariners)))

Hi Jailbird,

Did you watch Equilibrium in the original version? As far as I know people American films on Russian TV are shown in the original version with a Russian interpreter. Sometimes, this can be very funny. I remember watching Sledghammer (Кувалда) on TV when I visited a friend of mine in Moscow and all the different characters were spoken by one Russian male voice.

What about movies in the cinema, they are probably shown in the original with captions in Russian?

Slava has recently purchased a copy of Брат II and he has been urging me to watch it. Interestingly enough I saw Брат I on German television as part of Russian/German Culture exchange program and I liked the film. Have you seen it too?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: In which city were you born?[YSaerTTEW443543]

We are very old dear Witch, very very old :lol:

Thank for be so clear torsten, the reason was that nobody writing in this section, that why i asked.

and my last movie that a saw “Alien versus Depredador” we can see the movies in its original language with subtitle

HI Jaibird
i have to admit that i don’n know that movies are new? maybe coming on for my country because when the movies begin in usa (or from another place) we receive them like 2 or 3 month after :oops: with some exection like spiderman we was first that Usa because the days of premieres here are on Wednesdays and there I think is friday

jaja ok terminator 8) there’s not problem with that

ah by the way i’m 25 :wink:


Hi Torsten!

Well, I watched it in the original version for I hate Russian translation…Its always wrong))) As for the films in the cinemas. Well, Ive seen only oe film with captions in Russian and that was “Christ Passion” (or I dont remember the right title). And I know the films Брат I & Брат II...Just because I adore them))) I watched the first part yesterday...And its fantastic!!! It`s a brilliant film about Russians))))