How often do you use the adjective 'jocose'?

So, we’re in the process of creating a dictionary based on all our forum posts as well as all the sentences, texts and exercises on our site. Now, it would be great if we could somehow add information as to how popular each word is. For example, how often do you use or come across the adjective jocose? If you search for it on our forum and site you will find only 3 or so occurrences.

Many thanks.


I’ve never heard or read that word before.


I’ve read it once or twice, probably in 19th century books.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard it, and have never used it.
The related jocular is more familiar, but still I have probably never used it.

I like the attached quote about Janeites and Dickensians.


I have heard and read (WW) JOCUND but not JOCOSE.
It must be a derivative of JOCUNDUS but looks and sounds good!

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