How o frame question for this statement-

This is Mohammed Rayaroth Ali from India and i am feeling embarrassed to ask this question on my fist post

i want know how to create or construct a question for this following statement

‘" i am forth son of my father "’ or “’ i born as a 4th son to my father”’
“’ i born as 4th child to my father”’

this question is hunting me for last five years i thought you guy’s may help

warm regards



What is your birth order?

The word is “embarrassed.” Please capitalize the pronoun “I” wherever it occurs. Please end each sentence with the appropriate punctuation.

The ordinal number is “fourth.” The adverb is “forth.” As “born” is a past participle, it must follow an auxiliary verb in that sentence. The one you need is “was.” That is the passive voice. “I was born.” “They were born.” “Guys” is the plural form and “guy’s” the possessive one. Capitalize the first letter of your closing, ending it with a comma.

Hello Ali,

Welcome to the forums and please do not be embarrassed.

Actually, you are not the first person to ask such a question. The problem is that English has no direct question form for ordinal numbers, so however you contrive a question to reach that distinct answer it will sound ‘odd’.

The best that could be done is probably, “What number son are you?” but this doesn’t sound natural.

In most cases you would be more likely to be asked something like:
“How many older brothers do you have?” then the person asking would work out from your answer of ‘three’ that you are the fourth.