How much stone/ how much weight?

Hi again,

Can you ask the following questions:

  • How much stone did you lose?
  • How much weight did you lose?
  • How much stone do you need? (I pressume this has nothing to do with weight at all.)

Thanks Alexandro

“How much weight did you lose?” is fine.

“How much stone did you lose?” and “How much stone do you need?” are asking about the material (as in blocks of stone for building, for example), and have nothing to do with a person’s weight.

“How many stone did you lose?” is asking about weight.

Thanks Dozy.

I’ve got a question.

How can I ask a person information about his exact weight? What is the standard form for that? I’ve no idea at all.

Thanks in advance.

“How much do you weigh?” is the usual question.

Hi Dozy, thanks a lot.

Have a good day!