How is .....?

I’ve two questions for you.
1 - If I want to ask someone about Italian food is " how is Italian food?" correct?
2- Do I have to say the Italian food or simply Italian food ?

Thanks in advance…

Just say: What is Italian food like?


Thanks, Alan. I know “what’s Italian food like?” is the appropriate question, but I don’t know if "how is Italian food ? " is also possible or if it is completely incorrect.

The problem with that is the meaning of the adverb ‘how’.

[color=indigo]'In what way or manner" is Italian food?
Well… the way, the manner in which Italians prepare it!
‘how’ could have the meaning ‘used to ask about the condition or quality of something’
as in
[color=indigo]“How is Italian food in America different to that in Italy?”

If you asked the question, “How is Italian food?”, they may well respond with a question, such as:
[color=indigo]“Do you mean, is it spicey?”
or even
[color=indigo]“How do you mean?”

You might legitimately ask “how is Italian food?” meaning “does Italian food sound good to you tonight?”

I would not understand that to mean, ‘How does Italian (food) sound?’

Sounds like you’ve never been married to a fussy eater.

I’ve been involved in so many 20-minute discussions about what restaurants are acceptable to Mrs. High Maintenance that I could spit.