How do you start a day?


Before start a day,I take care of having breakfast and take shower.

Because, breakfast and taking shower are great combination to

energetic start to day.

İn addition,I have a suggestion for everybody.

Everyone has efficient hours throughout the day.

Therefore,I would suggest you to work on efficient hours.

Thank you.

Hi Unchan,

I am very pleased to know you too. Where have been all this time lol.

I am so sorry that you have to deal with allergy. It can be really annoying. I am glad you are exercising because it will clear your respiratory tract and nasal passages. I agree with you about green tea also that it has a powerful antioxidant.
I enjoy going to the park weather to exercise or just to relax. The fresh air, the aroma of the trees and the flowers, and the song of the beautiful birds gives me great joy. I cannot think of a better place to ease my stress. Unfortunately, I also have to deal with seasonal allergies. Therefore, my chance of going to the park is very limited. Sage tea is my remedy for my allergies. So far, it has been effective.

Thank you so much for the website and encouraging words about my English. You are very kind.

I will talk to you soon,


Hi Unchan, you know about many kind of teas, don’t you?
I would like to aks you about Janpanese tea. I had tried it once, but It seems include glutamate, doesn’t it?

Hi Dlien,
Do you mean mono sodium glutamate(MSG)? I don’t think Japanese tea contained any MSG as I’ve tried many kinds of Japanese tea, I’ve never seen any Japanese tea contained MSG. If they put MSG when you drink you would be able to tell, because MSG can cause numb on your tongue and feel thirsty. Most of good tea is roast tea
which have aroma smell and some red tea can cause constipation. I found many brands of green tea taste like red tea and give you constipation.

By the way, I’m not a tea expert. It’s only some experience that I can feel.
It’s very nice to exchange our thoughts here, isn’t it?

Sorry I made some mistakes: Most of good tea is roasted tea; I don’t think Japanese tea contains MSG.

Thank you very much for your information, Unchan.
Could you please tell me some typical materials of Japanese teas?
As I asked you about MSG in Japanese teas, It may not include, but It’s quite sweet, I think it consists of a little bit sugar, the aroma is not like sugar.
I am in Vietnam, and I prefer green teas - fresh teas which is cut of directly from tea tree. That’s very great, and it is really good for health, It reduces the aging process.

Sorry I really don’t know about the typical materials of Japanese tea. I’ve never seen any bad Japanese tea. Just remember to buy good brand with no added
any artificial flavour or chemical or go for organic one which grown and cultivated without the use of pesticides and herbicides. When you drink it, you always can tell it’s good or not as good tea has unique taste.

Have a nice day,…Unchan