How do you spend your online time?

Most of us spend quite some time on the Internet every day. Would you say that the time you spend online is a good investment, do your online activities help you do your job more efficiently? Or do you have the feeling that instead of getting online it might be better for you to do something else instead of using the Internet?

In a nutshell: Do you think you spend your online time efficiently?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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spend - efficiently or effectively? (not to mention ‘usefully’ :))

Dear Torsten

I thoroughly enjoy being on net because most of my learning takes place here.

We have to work online, receiving specimens and sending reports and etc, without internet, we can’t finish our works; also we can get much news, public and friend’s news.
I think I spend my online time efficiently,

:smiley: I spend my time,most of the time,speaking English with foreigners and also with English teachers but of course I think there are lots of useful and free places on the internet that maybe I still don’t know,and would be better to our learning process, :idea: it would be great if we could open a topic just to write different internet pages that could be useful to our work and development as English teachers and learners,that way we will spend our time more efficiently in the future,Opinions??? :lol:

that is very great idea, the technique is developing so fast, we are better to get information from each other, I agree to open a topic to share the useful website and information so that we can save time to get more information and spend our time more efficiently in the future,

I think I spend my inet time rather efficiently and I cannot imagine my life without the internet. Downloading English books and various programmes takes all my time and I consider chatting with foreigners via chatting programmes such as MSN, ICQ, SKYPE very profitable, not taking into consideration paricipation in discussions of this forum which is very useful and helpful for me!In a nutshell, PC is the greatest invention of the mankind! :smiley:

I am working with Internet. My job is unpossible without Internet.
I am using Internet and in my home for ICQ, Skype to talk with my friends.
I am learning english from Internet.
I am reading news.
I have a connection with all world :lol: