How do you say: How do you pronounce Hungary?

Hi everybody,
How do you pronounce Hungary?
The same way as hungry?
When I was talking to an Irish, about a month ago, I noticed he pronounced Hungary like hungry.
At the same time I realised that my Jamaican friend’s done the same thing a lot of times, but with that guy I could never have been sure if he was kidding and sucking my blood,
or he really thinks there is a country named Hungry and I’m from right there.
Then he was right, I love eating. :slight_smile:
I’d have another question too about this subject:
When I say Hungarian I stress it like hunGArian.
If I say it right, how come these people miss that letter A?
Or shouldn’t I put the stress on the second syllable?

Everybody I know pronounces Hungary like “hungry”. If one has to be super careful for some reason, it’s possible to pronounce the A, but it’s seldom done.

There are many words in which the vowel right before the ending “ry” is lost. When North Americans say “elementary”, we lose that A. When the scary mad scientists in old monster movies say “laboratory”, they lose the second O and say “la-BO-ra-try”.

As for “hunGArian”, I believe that the endings -ia and -ian attract the stress to the syllable right before them, as in Canada-Canadian, Michigan-Michiganian, Malthus-Malthusian.