How do you pronounce the letter 'h'?

How do you pronounce the letter ‘h’?

  • The same way as ‘age’
  • The “London way”

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How do you pronounce the letter ‘h’? Do you pronounce it the same way like the word ‘age’ or do you pronounce it the way many people from London do?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten! I pronounce the letter ‘h’ as you say in the same way like the word Age !Would you tell me what is tha London way of pronouncing the letter ‘h’ because I don’t know . :roll: Thank you in advance

What’s the London way of pronouncing “H.” I’m just curious


Hi Torston…

Hopefully…every country has her own way of making her people pronounce the English alphabets in their own way…as the custom pronunciation of their languages are different.

I think no need to borrow any pronounciation modulation from any country or city…

It is my humble opinion…not to harm anyone in particular…


I would say ‘h’.


PS Some people drop the aitch as in:

Harry went to Hampstead Heath

Harry lost his hat.

Harry’s mother said to Harry;

Harry, where’s your hat.

Hanging on the hook in the hall.

But it wasn’t there at all.