How do you pronouce Singer and Longer?

Dear Beeesneees,

How do you pronounce singer and longer. I pronounce both of them with an ng sound as per IPA, rather than with a g sound. But some speakers tend to pronounce them with a g sound. Which sounds awkward to me. I’d like to take your pronunciation as my standard. So would you do me a favour?

kind regards.

They are pronounced differently.
They both have the ‘ng’ phonic blend <ŋ>, but the ‘ng’ blend is followed by a sounded ‘g’ in ‘longer’ <ŋɡ>.
You can hear them here:
oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries … ary/singer
oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries … ger#long_2

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Dear Beees,

Thank you very much for your lucid explanation. I’ve got exactly what I want. Sorry for my inconsiderate rush. Have a nice day.

kind regards.