How do you define diplomacy?

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How do you define diplomacy without referring to any dictionary?

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How can someone learn and apply diplomacy without going to any school or university? Do you know?

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Just live surrounded by some cunning people and follow them!

Personally, I always follow them(I lough much and feel pity about them!) but never apply this rules

Only half true.

Don’t forget the aristocrats, pimps and hookers. lol.

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By this time, you have written!
Pls.see again previous, as I answered!

Cunning people? you cannot learn diplomacy from cunning people alone since it is more cunning than cunning people. Who do you think most cunning people are?

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Just to my experience, I used to hang around with hookers, they have tremendous ways of diplomacy to astonish me, an ex diplomat. They deal with owners, pimps, police, lawyers, rich or poor clients, rivals and gangsters. They outsmart them and make hell of money without tax. Amazing, where do they learn that.

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Today, I am not going to the court(my one of the work places).

I know you are much intelligent guy, my friend slow and steady----.

I am preparing for travel, much travel. That you need a lot of money. I am working for this.If you can not interact with the foreigner face to face, you can understand them just half!

With video conferencing, it is not enough. You need a good contact with the policy makers if you want to pay much to the destitute. Because they have occupied everything you like or not. O.K. ethics will be the above all but with some logical compromising- that I didn’t do(logical compromising-time,place, and persons.) last several years!

Gide of diplomacy: Better say: Perhaps I could today be after hours…
Instead of Are you mad! Hell! What,? I don’t have my own house?
Better say; Maybe you should still check it out…
Instead of: Well! Take a translator you imbecile
Better say: I don’t participate in this project…
Instead of: I don’t care, you fool!
Better say; Hmmm….It’s very interesting…
Instead of: What the nonsense you said…
Better say: I’m sorry Sir
Instead of: Go to hell you ass!
Better say: We try to plane sth….
Instead of: Hell! You just telling me this?
Better say: I’m currently swamped with work…:
Instead of; And what do I do hell yet? I have paid for an hour…
Better say: I like challenges…
Instead of: Look for somebody more stupid that myself to the black work…
Better say: Not too much I can help at this time…
Instead of: Gull looking for?
Better say; She is an aggressive and feisty person…
Instead of; What a little bitch she is!
Who is an diplomat? Someone who can say;” go to hell” in such way that you feel excitement in connection with the forthcoming expedition.
/Some words were eased because of understandable motives/.

Alicja :))

Thank you Alicja,

Reading your lines I remember learning things truely diplomatic from my mother, a doctor’s wife. She is my first coach of diplomacy. She never attended a function unless her name or title written on the envelop together with her spouse’s name, and that kind of things she always has strict limits. She is so serious about it until now. Since I ,the little boy in the forum picture, was young learnt diplomacy from his beloved mother who always defended and educated her only dearly son , until he became a diplomat. I’ve learnt diplomacy mostly from my mother dealing all strata and walk of life, cunning or courteous whosoever they were, we don’t mind, we beat them. I believe she learnt these things from her aristocratic forefathers. Our root’s been here for some three hundred years. She never lends or borrows things from anyone to avoid set up and defamation. Whenever she feels generous she gives for good, doesn’t lend. In that ways she beats her rivals who has weaker mind and tendency to lend or borrow, in terms of wealth. In every town and city we moved around, she was the one of the richest and most beautiful lady in the upper and middle class society. And as she was a beauty queen she was always a very popular lady . My father, a doctor who’s never corrupted to avoid being slave to the others. So, no other official could beat him in his field regarding civil matters.
So, I learnt not to corrupt in terms of money, how to use my own charm and money to buy company and use them. In fact, that so called diplomatic society I’d been for 11 years is not much for my to deal with since some of them are of lower uneducated back grown. Anyhow, diplomacy is a most cunning and dangerous weapon to use. Use is wisely or you die.

Free tips >>> if you were not born as a middle class or upper class don’t go into diplomatic society, even if you are newly rich you cannot learn diplomacy of aristocrat over night , you’ll get sick and lose everything and despair.

Diplomacy is not always a civic thing most of us think. It’s a cut throat thing with a smiling face.

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kind regards.

Dear Kyaw! I agree with you on many points. I also much indebted to my mother. And it isn’t about education but about the roots. My mother received a careful bring up and education in the best schools in years thirties. She always was my perfect model. Unfortunately I didn’t inherited her diplomacy. I’m acting spontaneously. This creates a lot troubles to me. But there is one important thing that I inherited from my mother. That is pride. At a time when I studied ,in my country there was widespread poverty. There was also poverty in my house. But my mom would not let me charge a scholarship. She claimed that she was able to provide my education. It was rather strange because I couldn’t afford buying even a roll during a break in the lectures. And similar to you I never done the problem of luck of money. I just adjusted my needs to my possibilities.

I’m greeting you. Alicja

Dear Alicja,

Thank you very much for your support. My point is mothers are mostly our first teachers of diplomacy. All these public relations, human relations and diplomacy things are basically defending and promoting one’s pride and dignity. To be a proud and dignified group, company, family and country so on. In fact not that complicated. Learn the bases well and beat them. Based on Ego so it is dirty as well. ( Still, dipomats make it complicated to prolong an issue for making more money out of it. lol ) You know the old doctor and his son doctor story, yes?.

I salute you and you mother. You’ve people got a lot guts, I love it.

kind regards.

Kyaw said: ‘You know the old doctor and his son doctor story, yes?’

Sorry! do you have in mind Dr. Kildare and his father? Or maybe  that is story you have told us recently and I didn't notice it?  If that is sth. interesting recollect it, please!


Dear Alicja,

I don’t know it’s the same story, but most people know it in different versions.
It goes… the old doctor worked hard to educate his son and made him a doctor. One day, the son doctor boasts his old father doctor, 'Pop I cured that old folk patient that you couldn’t cure for ages. I took only two day to cure him. The old doctor responds , you nitwit, he is one of my fund raisers that I have to keep uncured. And, actually they are the ones who made you a doctor, not me. Now you’ve lost me my fund raiser, I have to find new one. Oh dear. What a numskull young man…

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