How do movies or television influence people's behavior?

How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

It is undeniable that the fact that movies or television has gained increasing popularity in the past years along with the development of technology. Actually, the mass media such as movies or television has had great impacts on changing people’s behavior.

The major methods that mass media influence the public is by creating topics of discussion in the society. Mass media offers audiences issues to talk and think about. In the past, people could simply talk about something occurred around them because of the lack of media transmitted information and news and limitation of horizons . However, as the relevant technologies become more and more sophisticated, topics among people’s after-dinner talk have increased by varieties. Talking issues or plots that in the movies or television have been a necessary ingredient in people’s lives.

Already, it can be seen that individuals become more likely to imitate roles appear in the movie or television, especially in youth generation. Characters in the movies or television would arise a stream of popularity wind and pass the concept of fashion to viewers. For example, people would like to grow long-hair regardless of their sex, commonly part of which are dyed in gold; they wear jeans in each and every season, usually knees of which are deliberately tattered; teenagers are fond of earrings or other odd pendants indifference to their gender. All of these are the results of chasing fashion in the movies or television.

Moreover, mass media provide ways to learn about the world and stimulate people’s enthusiastic to explore. Especially watching movies, the beautiful scenery of other countries that appears in the movies are great attractive to people who have a sense of adventure. As the new policies and boost of traveling industry, we could find that an increasing number of people choose to leave for another country to pursue knowledge or experience the difference culture. Things that people could only see in the movie have become true to them now. This is the way that mass media change people’s whole lives and their behavior and personalities.

In conclusion, mass media, by offering topics and affecting the ways in which we discuss and help people to learn about the world, has a strong influence on people’s behavior. we have to admit that it plays a important role in our lives as a source of information, experiences, entertainment, amusement and relaxation.

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