How do movies or television influence people's behavior?

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Depending on personal experience, personality type and emotional concern, we can find that some people hold the opinion that television and movies exert negative influence on people’s behavior. However, as far as I am concern, I strongly believe that these novelties produce positive effects, giving us a chance to relax watching our favorite programs after wearisome working days, and demonstrate us the latest fashion.

Nowadays, in this time of high technological progress, there are a great number of innovations which we use in order to relax and forget about our problems. Moreover, every family has in their home this piece of novelty, such as television. For instance, when I am coming home exhausted and angry after the eight-hour working day spent in one of the office cubicles, I do not want to communicate with my parents due to the fact that my current mood may give rise to quarrel. In order to prevent it, I prefer watching a movie or a program on television, because after the watching I feel relaxed, and I forget about all my problems.

Another reason, why I suppose that television brings people positive influence, is that there are a great number of programs and TV-shows broadcasting on televisions. Some people, who do not have a sense of style, may get some ideas how to dress watching the blue screen. For example, my sister is a student and she has neither time nor money for buying expensive fashion magazines, but, at the same time, she wants to look excellent. That is why during the breakfast she likes watching some programs, which teach people what kind of clothes in fashion nowadays, or what will be popular in the next month. Moreover, following programs’ advice she looks great.

Summing up the above reasons, we may safely draw the conclusion that in spite of the fact that there are a lot of people, who think that television brings in our lives a great deal of negative effects, I strongly believe that there are a few essential positive effects, such as relaxing after the hard day, and advice, which helps people become the most beautiful person.

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