How do movies and TV influence people

In modern life both television and movies influence everyone´s life. In 21st century it is hardly possible to stay away from TV set or computers.
Our broadcasting is full of different programes and movies, that are shown on TV: intellectual, comedy, news, weather. Nowadays appear separate channels for different types of programmes. From the early childhood TV becomes one of the main sources of entertainment. Kids watch special programes that develop thier knowledge, and give them opportunites to recogrize the world. Teenagers watch movies, prgrammes according to their new interests, and with the help of it form their world view. And it follows us till our last days when we spend time in front of the screen watching soap operas.
Television let us walk with the time: know all the news, going on the world, gian information abt our past, present and future.
Though we should not ignore all the disadventages of our ¨new¨ style of life. We become too much atticted to television, spend our lives watching senceles serials, or many other programes, while we could go out with friedns, spend more time with family and not ignore one of the greatest phenomenon in the world called ¨a book¨. We sould never forget that none of the films can delight as much as can do a single book read in the evening in the glinder and coverd with a warm blancket.

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