How do i write request for salary increase

Sub:Request for Salary Increase

Respected Sir,

I would like to get to your notice that, I have been working in X Catering Maintenance for the last 11 Years. I am very sincere to my work and loyal to the company. Considering my earlier records, as a senior and experienced employee of X Catering Maintenance. I have been led to believe that you are satisfied with my work and have come forward requesting the company to recognize and provide me adequate benefits.

I am confident that you will want to sincerely consider my request.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Dear Sir,

I would like to apply for a salary increase, and I am submitting the following information in support of my application.

I hope you will consider that I have been working at X Catering Maintenance for the past eleven years. In that time I have proved to be sincere in my work and loyal to the company. I am a senior employee and I believe that my experience brings benefits to the company. I understand that you are satisfied with my work. To this end, I would like to request that the company recognize my commitment and provide me with adequate benefits.

I am confident that you will consider my request with sincerity and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

thank you for your support mam.

Hi Thiyages,

A point to bear in mind when writing a letter such as this or indeed a letter applying for a job is to avoid using the

personal pronoun ‘I’ too often.


Dear Mr.Alan,

Could you please correct the above letter? if any mistakes available.


Where did that rule come from?

In my experience, using “I” in this sort of letter has been fine. It’s entirely about you. Academic writing is another matter.

It’s not a rule but based on my reading of many applications for jobs.


Your personal preference then. Fine. We are all entitled to our own opinions based on our own experiences.

Hi Guys, I really like this one/I mean Thiyages version/. I have only one note to this version of sal. incr. letter. At the end of the letter, maybe a “thank you very much in advance” would be a more polite one, than the original thanks form.
I’m really looking forward to having your comments.
all the best, N