How do I use 'neither' correctly?

Sorry guys, I was talking to myself in another topic, but I’d like to get answers to these questions, so I’ll quote them here, thanks

"By the way, which one is correct:
Hidding it before me,
from me ,
or from before me
Thanks in advance

Back to the main question, if I’m starting a sentence with neither,can I continue with know?
Like: Neither did I know, but at least I asked?


Hi Spencer,

You asked:

You would hide (note the spelling of hiding something from someone.

Note this conversation.

A: I didn’t know the answer.

B: Neither did I.


Thank You, Alan,
and whenever You see any mistakes in my spelling, please let me know, as You did just now, thanks again,

Hi Spencer, think it’s easy to check your spelling yourself. You can use an electronic dictionary or a spell checker. Or you simply can google a word if you are not sure how it is spelled.

Hi Andreana,
Thanks, I’m going to take Your advice about this spell-checker, but I’m not sure where I can find it.
Googeling is not the best for me, because I’ve never had a teacher, so even if I use a word day by day, I might misspell it without realising.
I could really use this checker thing though

(still: anyone notice any grammar,or spelling mistake in my lines ,please, don’t hasitate to point at them, because all the rules of grammar I’ve learnt are from forums like this)

Spencer, if you google the word ‘hasitate’, you will see this in line: Did you mean: hesitate.
This takes about 1 second.

You see?
I was sure I spelled it right.
I should check all my words one by one, and that would take a bit more than one secund.
(considerind my typing spead, a lot more)
Thanks anyway,

Spencer, if you don’t check your spelling, you will get used to using words that don’t exist and in the end this will cost more time than checking your spelling right from the start. Don’t you have a word processing program that comes with a spell checker? You can sign up for a Google Mail account, it has an excellent spell checker. You can type your text there, then run it through the spell checker and then copy and paste it into the forum. This is what I often do. A friend of mine showed me this technique and it works very well. Try it out.

PS: you should check ‘secund’, ‘spead’ and ‘considerind’.

This is exacty what I need I guess,
but if You could be so kind to send me an exactly address of this thing, even on my e-mail if You like, I’d really appreciate it,
Thank You