How did you manage to get an 18-year-old girl to marry you, when you're 75?

I have read a joke recently, but I don’t see any thing interesting in it, can you see it?

A: How did you manage to get an 18-year-old girl to marry you, when you’re 75?
B: I told her I was 99.

Hi Frank,

Good to have you on the forum.

I’d say there is certain element of irony in this joke, can you see it?

Yes, I agree. It is irony.

Well, for one thing, he looks about 25 years younger! :lol:

Is there anybody believing a tens-of-year-younger girl can fall in love with a man or vice versa? No matter how great the couple describe their love is, it is hard for me to believe. :?

I think so. It’s hard to believe. We’ve got to do a survey and ask all the 18-year-old girls if they can fall in love with very eldery people…

Hence the irony in the joke…

People in different countries have different approaches to irony. In Germany, for example, it doesn’t seem as endemic as in Ireland.

If the man’s rich, and he’s only 75, the girl might have to endure marriage to him for a long time before she gets his money. If she only cares about the money, she’d be more likely to marry a 99-year-old, because, as we say in English, he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Not sure about 99 year old men… but there are a number of girls that at least for a short period are attracted to much older men, a fit and charming 60 year old might seem the world seem a magical place

hehe i agree with you in this way. There is just olny way that the man has money. The 18-year-old would marry him and wait until he dies and get his legacy. haha anyway this is a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, he wouldn’t be so ‘smart’ if he looked 75 and told the girl he’s 40.