How did you find this site?

Hello everyone,

How did you find this site and what do you think about it? For my case, I found this site occasionally. Once I was searching an item called “hope this helps” by using google. The first result was an article entitled “hope this help” or “hope this helps”.
After clicked on the link, I was brought to this site and I got what I was looking for –
an excellent explanation for “hope this helps”.

Then, I added this site into my favourite in case I may forget the address. I also registered and joined this site. Now, I’ve been here for a few days and I really enjoy this site. I do tests and read posts here everyday (I like the click here for explanationand do you have a question buttons. It’s great for you to figure out this function.)

I ask questions and get help from the kindness Alan, Mr Micawber, Jamie, the handsome Torsten and some other members of this site. Since I’ve learned English for years, I still have a lot of trouble in learning it.

One of the most difficult thing for me in learning English is that I am incapable of choosing the proper word when I’m talking with somebody or writing an article. So, I’ll keep on working hard to improve my poor English under your help. I’ll never quit asking questions unless you forbid me to do so. :smiley:

Now, I will use my pending sentence (this sentence is yet to be confirmed.) as the end of this post: I think this website a paradise for our English learners. Do you agree with me? Please feel free to comment. Please correct me if there’s any mistake in my words. Thank you.



Hi Infin1ty…

If you think it is some [color=blue]miracle that brought you to this useful website…we all hope there is something more than miracle…it is called [color=blue]effort…the more you do effort the more you will get the positive improvement…I suppose…

I am very much interested to learn (at least the spoken) [color=blue]Chinese…What is the best method you will recommend…?

Hi Sahid59,

Thank you for your response. I think you should start with pinyin which is similar to phonetic symbol of English. There are also some sites ont the net for learners like you, try this one: Or you can send a private message to me if you have some problems in learning Chinese, maybe I could help you in a small way.

I appreciate you.Do you know why? you are writing instead of me,it seems like you are reading my feelings. I realy enjoy to read that kind of appreciation for this forum.
buy the way I want to thanks to all moderators and all people here very kind and polite.You too.
best regards

Thank you my friend for your guidance…

It will be my pleasure to send you a PM.

Dear Infin1ty…

First of all allow me to thank you for your kindness to extend me some prominent help in learning your [color=blue]5000 year old picturesque language.

As I am doing many correspondence with Chinese business counterparts, in my daily profession, I feel it is necessary to learn this [color=blue]complicated as well as complemented language a little, at least to speak.

Your suggestions and guidance are warmly welcome to my personal email address

Hello Burhan,

It’s great to hear that you have the same feeling about this site as I do.

Hi Sahid59,

Thank you for that compliment. I turned red in the face, it’s nice to hear things like that.