How can they rate our speaking? (TOEFL exam)

how can they rate our speaking? i ahve problem during the test i was distracted by people who speak loud.

TOEFL listening lectures: Which is a characteristic of realistic landscape paintings?

Hi renerpt,

I can understand that you get distracted by people who intervene when you’re talking. And it’s also understandable that you would like to know how the examiners rate your English. But - all these thoughts only serve to distract you. It’s probably wise to try and concentrate on what you say; the rest will come!

Good luck to you,



I have the same question…how do they rate us?..I need 24 in speaking …i got 23 in my first attempt, 20 in my second attempt?..i wana know what that means?.. :roll:

im waiting for the result for the the third exam…hopfully it is 24… :shock:

Hi samo,

All I can say is that there is no certain benchmark. Have confidence! Confident speakers are more likely to pass.

I Know that this may sound shallow, but if you scored 23 in your first try you might as well score 26 in your third! Confidence! Trust in your achievements :wink:

Hi all,

I have my TOELF exam next august 8th and I’m a little bit nervous about the noise that you can find in a class full of people talking to a computer… I’ll try my best…
On the other hand, regarding the listening, I would like to know if you can hear the sentence to times or more if you don’t understand it on the first time.
Thanks a lot!

TOEIC Speaking is rated on a few main criteria

Use of English in question and answering
Ability to formulate and deliver information

In all the above, additional emphasis is placed upon sentence structure, use of words and grammatical correctness.

These four things need to be practiced to get better scores.

You can practice your speaking ability in the above skills at
OK you will need to pay for a membership. But this is because your answers to the exercise questions are checked by authorised TOEIC administrators and they need to be fed (smile) Also it is not so expensive.