How can i talk fluently as a english or an american

i’m not also listen very bad but also talk very bad.i don’t talk english so much because i can’t listen english .and i’m so scare.i want to find an american scholarship for pupils…so…how can i do to improve my listening and talking :frowning:


I am also a new learner of English and listening fast english conversation is somewhat difficult for me, too.

Most native english speakers pronounce connected/spoken words differently. Spoken words do not sound like they should sound when read individually.

One of my way of improving English listening skill is watching English movie in DVD format. As we know, DVD movies have english subtitles on it. These subtitles are very useful, especially when the actor/actress speaks very fast.

These are also very useful in learning new words, colloquials, common slangs,etc…And when my English dictionary cannot tell me what is the meaning of a particular word or expressions, I will ask Torsten, Allan, Yo’ and the rest of the guys here some help.

Well, that’s my way of doing things here. Let’s listen to other ideas and suggestions or ways of improving English skills. :wink:

What I am telling you may upset you a little bit, please do not mind, Rechardvu.

Please have a look at what Sylphidae has written and others’ in this forum. A good grammar post would have a better look. Do you agree?

So, before listening and speaking good English, basic grammar should be minded.

By the way, it seems impossible for ESL students to speak as voluble as natives unless he or she has lived in an English speaking coutry up to 10 years or more. Thus, if you can make others understood what you are talking, that’s all right.


I am sorry but I think, at least at the beginning level, the quantity of input (listening and reading) plays a more significant role than grammar does. This has been proved by many linguists and many seccessful language learners. Notice that I am not saying grammar is not important, eventually you will come across it, in order to speak the language educatedly, you need to know enough about the grammar, but think about how you “learned”(actually acquired) your first language: Aren’t you already able to speak it before you start taking those language art classes at school?

Hi guys …
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I think you are exaggerating … yeah if you wanna speak English as voluble as native speaker you have to live in English speaking country
But I think 10 years is very long time for such purpose

10 years is very long time for such purpose

is n’t it a very long time Darav :shock:

I wanna something quickly

My first and only trip to the US (I stayed there for 4 weeks) was in July this year. Curiously, I’ve been told by many americans that I speak exactly like a native, and I have received this feedback for years!

Not to brag about it, but I learned American English all by myself; and I can tell that I consider myself to be a very common person with a common IQ.

It took me several years, but it wasn’t even 4 years, so I believe that your 10-year estimate is way off the numbers. Of course, the learning curve also depends on the person’s skills and desire to really learn.


You might be one of the lucky exceptions. Still it is very impressive of what you did.

Did you not have a noticable accent when you visited US?

Keep in mind that there are regional dialects in USA too, not everyone speaks the same way in America.