How can i make contribution

Dear English Test Net,

I’m a loyal member, and I want to know how I can make some contribution to you, not by credit card.
Love you.

Hello Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin,

I am also a member like you, in my opinion – the best you can do is help people out with queries that you know the answer to.




I’m trying, but my English isn’t good enough yet. Well. learning English is a real fun!
Good luck!. Love you.

Hello again,

Joining or starting conversations at this section “Where do you want to talk about?” is a good way to practice.

Writing and speaking are considered difficult as they are “productive skills”, grammar, vocabulary, style all come together while performing those skills.



Dear Ozzy,
What you say is true. Particularly, for the Asian whose languages are not derived from Roman or Germanic . I found that it’s really hard to make Burmese students convince about , perfect tenses and future in the past. It takes ages to do it. We see things up side down. LOL. Love you.