how can i know that i have a reply on my post instantly?

Hello everyone

I actually want that someone should guide me about the subjected question. that is
for example if i post a new thread OR make reply to an already created thread/post then how should i know instantly that i have a reply on my post.
Rather than visiting each and everyone thread for new posts and check it that if anyone have replied to my post or not, i want that i should just know posts to my reply instantly. Just like in mailing service when you get a new message your inbox shows it that you have got a new message. Here i know that thread with new post are highlighted but that new posts can of anyone and not just the ones that are replies or responses to my posts.

If anyone has got it then kindly help me out in this. I will be very thankful.
Best wishes for all of you.

There should be an option in your profile to receive responses to all your messages, so you need to make sure that the option is turned on. However, I am not sure if this function is working correctly at the moment, so I’m not sure if that would help you.

Yes, this function is workink very well. I turned it on last month.

Thank you Beeesneee and Monica

I checked my profile and the said option was already on but till yesterday i didn’t received any email alerts on replies to my posts, although beesnee, you once replied earlier to my post also. But i am happy that just after putting the above question i have started getting replies in email inbox now. since you and monica replied to my post so i got two emails in my inbox informing me about your replies related to my post. That’s what i wanted but i have experienced it just today.

Thanks a lot to both you and monica. Be always happy. thanks

Hi, Hwaqarkhan

Let’s add a new message in your Inbox.
I’m glad that you can get the messages which announce your replies.

Know that I noticed your palm trees two or three days ago and I like the picture. It’s because I love the sea and everything related to it: beach, sand, dolphins, blue and green, waves, palm trees of course and all the rest.

See you!

Hello monica

well your profile pic also very much describes your inner feeling. You know which thing is common in my pic and yours? what i have noticed is that both pics have calmness and loneliness? Did you noticed that both pics have evening time which can be described with calmness and loneliness? what’s your thoughts. well i like see side very much and especially the place where you can hear just the sound of sea waves and not anything else because it then distracts you from that feeling of loneliness and calmness and this is what i am also. Loved to talk on this beautiful topic. very much near to my heart.

Thanks once again and see you

Hi, Hwaqarkhan

You’re right, we have something in common: the sea is in my heart too. It has always been, since I can remember, since my early childhood.

The Black Sea shore has been for me the most wanted place to spending the holyday and I had to travel 800 km for this, every summer.
I love laying in the sun on the beech, fighting with the waves, swimming in the sea, walking on the shore, breading the salty air, admiring the sunrise, everything. Sometimes, in the afternoon, I could see dolphins playing near to the beach.
Have you ever seen a total sun eclypse at the sea? I did and I tell you it’s extraordinary!

The sea brings calm and quiet, it’s true, but not all the people who like the sea like lonelyness too - me for example, I like being among people there, and if it’s crowded it’s even better!

How is your sea?


Hi Monica

It has been a pleasant discussion going on. well you ask a question that “how is your sea?”. I don’t know about romania that how much seas it will have but in pakistan we have only one sea and that is in Karachi. And you will be a bit surprised that i haven’t been to Karachi so far. Then you might say that how i am talking about above experiences i guess. well we have a lot of rivers in pakistan and a no. of dams. The best of the rivers for me in pakistan is the river swat. And i have been to swat so many times. SWAT is famous for being a SWITZERLAND of pakistan. I know that you can’t compare sea shore with any of the river side but you can relate all my above experiences to river sides of course. Even in my village we have a river. i have fantasized sea shore experience through movies only. From your post it seems that you are a good swimmer too but i am only 50 50. The reason being the scariness of my parents. We have never been allowed for river swimming openly. Well a lot to say more it’s getting long now.

Monica one more question i would like to ask. with this thread “how can i know that i have a reply on my post instantly”, there is a word “moved”. have you any idea of this that what it means. if it says that some topics have been moved then why of this thread and not any other.

see you again and have a nice time.

Hi, Hwaqarkhan

I saw that your topic appears in two forums.
In “What do you want to talk about”, it’s preceedeed by the word “Moved”. I also saw that it’s not the only one - there are at least two like that on the first page.
Well, I think that the administrators of the site moved your topic because you didn’t put it in the right place when you created it.
I don’t know it for sure, I just suppose so.

Have a nice day!

Hi Monica

Ok…may be that’s the reason. see you again and have a nice time.

Hi, Hwaqarkhan,

in my case what someone replyed on my post I recieve email on my email address who I wrote when I registered on forum.

So, check your email address…

Hi Ivana

Yes you are correct. Actually initially i wasn’t receiving mail alerts in my email inbox but soon after post this thread i started getting emails then. The problem has now been resolved.

Thanks for the concern
See you