How can I improve my English speaking skills?

I am an Indian living in Andhra Pradesh, working in State Government. Fortunately r unfortunately I was married one Delhi (Country Capital) based boy. They are always teasing my poor english. Most of the times I am unable to communicate my feelings to my husband bks of my language problem, to over come this problem earlier I joined in spoken english course but no vain. Only bks of english problem my life is hell otherwise I am excellent.

नमस्ते Bhattaramv,
I think the best way to imrove your spoken English is to speak English as often as you can. And here on the forum you have an excellent opportunity to reach your goal. You can record your voice messages and post them on the forum. Read out loud some short stories, written by our language coach Mr. Kitosdad. So, you’ve got all what it takes to improve your English.

Use the link if you don’t know how to record a voice message. … o_messages

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