How can I delete one of my post?

To Moderator,

Please I want to delete my post on Thursday Dec 31, 2009. Topic amend my CV, it is showing on google and it comprises of my full information, and computer fraudsters have been mailing and calling me. Please I need your urgent attention.

Thanks and best regards.
Ismail Sokunbi.

Please I need your urgent attention. I have been trying to edit it myself, It was not respond.

Dear Ismail,

I have deleted the post with your CV data.

Best regards

That’s the way to do it Slava … no dragging your heels.

Dear Slava,

I really appreciate your urgent respond to my post. You are doing a wonderful work. Keep it up.


I also want to know how I can delete my redundant ports. Because of the continually interrupted network, I’ve posted some twice or more.

Hi VW, I’ve removed your double posts.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a science class[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi! Dear sirs, I have the same problem I doubled one of my messages ( My thoughts about forum), because the I-net wasn’t working properly. Could you sort it out?! Thanks & sorry for making trouble.