How are you feeling yourself today. vs How are you feeling today.

How are you feeling yourself today?

How are you feeling today?

Is there any difference

To save possible embarassment, I’d suggest commas here:

How are you feeling, yourself, today? :wink:

To me there isn’t any difference between them.
Generally,I use “how are you today” or “How are you feeling yourself today”
It’s your choice.You can use both of them :wink:

If somebody asked me “How are you feeling yourself today”, then it sounds like they’re asking me how I touch myself, a rather personal question I’m not likely to answer…If I did, the answer would have to involve some specific body parts and some rather descriptive adjectives.

If somebody asks me “How are you feeling today”, then they’re asking me about my physical and emotional state, and I’ll give them an honest answer, such as “Fine, thank you.” or “Terrible, I’m sick.”

There’s a substantial difference between the two questions.

And if we insist? :smiley: