How are global leaders going to solve the climate crisis?

The vast majority of the so-called ‘developed countries’ in the global north are run by right-wing white males such as Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Putin, Erdogan and similar dictators and/or thugs. Here is how they are going to solve the global climate crisis…



Essentially, “World Leaders” (with the possible exception of Prince Charles) don’t really care about climate change - since they know it is not a solvable problem in the short term, will not actually be catastrophic in the long term, and they have other things to worry about.


That’s true. However, there are few exceptions most of whom are women such as Jacinda Ardern, Sanna Marin, Zuzana Čaputová and Nicola Sturgeon.


By the way, Torsten have you noticed your beloved friends of the FDJ are back. They were marching on the streets in Zwickau a few weeks ago. So hilarious, a 12 yo brat from West Germany was trying to talk about socialism to the locals. I cannot wait for the return of the Spanish Inquisition. I consider myself a more hopelessly European thinking individual. YouTube

Hi Michael, can you please explain what exactly you mean by ‘your beloved friends of the FDJ’? I do remember the organization that was called FDJ but I can’t see what could possibly classify it as ‘my beloved friends’. Could you please elaborate?

I just wanted to emphasize what should have been long dead resurrected out of a sudden. With your beloved friends, I used the tongue of bittersweet irony. You once told me that you couldn’t stand the GDR, and as I suppose that would be including the FDJ. Anyway, I was curious if you have heard about their demonstration. In times like these very obscure things are supposed to happen. One summons the old spirit of Socialism others are about to expect a tidal wave of unwanted vaccinations.