Hi everyone,

Please, tell me how you pronounce the word ‘hospitable’

Hi Yuri, here is now I pronounce hospitable…[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Preparing to hit the ball[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Yuri, I and most of my fellow Americans stress the “spit” - hospitable.

Hi Torsten and Lushen,

Lushen, nice to meet you,

Once I asked Alan this very question and he answered that in Britain they say hosPItable but some people here continued arguing about that. In all Russian students’ books the word is transcribed as HOspitable. And in all audio materials for students’ books it is pronounced this way. When I heard from one of my fellow teachers that is pronounced hosPItable it was quite a surprise for me. Still we sometimes have debates on this topic.

But I see that according to Lushen the majority of American people stress the second syllable too. So, from now on I will advise my students to say ‘hosPItable’. Am I right?

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Hi Yuri,

To me the noun ‘hospital’ has the stress on the first syllable and ‘hospitable’ the stress falls on the second syllable. So, we can ask: Is hospital a hospitable place?


Hi Alan,

From now on I will follow your variant. HosPItable.

Thanks a lot!


Hi everyone,

When at school I was taught to say ‘neither’ and ‘either’. But till now I have never heard native speakers pronounce these words as I was taught. Tell me please, where this words are pronounced this way?


Hi Yuri,

I can’t find any logical explanation but attach something that sums it all up:




Just for the record this is how I say them.


Hello Alan,

Thanks a lot for your voiced and illustrated explanation. I’ll try to find time to learn this song by heart. And I am going to continue to say ‘either’ and ‘neither’ as you pronounce them.

Best wishes,

Dear Sukanya, Evylinda, Mujibur, Yuri, Henrique and Everybody,

You are the firsts with whom I share a good news. I am very happy, and you know all that we had been needed of a little happiness. One bad thing happened the after. Illnesses, hospitals etc.

Today rang the phone. My husband answered. I heard that he is wondering, I couldn’t believe to my ears because he was very happy. What happened? -I asked, but he didn’t answer because he paid attention to the phone. When he gave up phoning I asked what had happened. He told that he couldn’t say, and you have to call back our daughter-in-law she will tell you. He only said that our grandson had been chosen a sailing group by a German coach.

I called my daughter-in-law, and she told the next. ( I put in parentheses what I knew. My grandson is addicted to sailing. He is an expert in everything which has to do the sailing. He goes in the whole year for coaching, when the lake is frozen they ice-sailing, when there isn’t possibility sailing,they are doing exercises. So he spends every weekend in the sport-club.)

That was all new to me that a German coach was there where my grandson was -who has just bought to himself a brand new sail-boat on Lake Balaton, - and my grandson’s club was in training there. This coach took notice of the skill of my grandson, and he asked him to help him to stretch the cords on his brand new sailing boat. He was so skillful that at the end this coach told my son that he would like if my grandson participates in the competitions in his German club. In September there will begin the competitions not only in Germany, but in Europe .The next year there will be a big competition in the US. He already bought to him all kinds of dresses and shoes.


The most interesting that my 3 year-old grandson played with me sailing in our garden. It was after lunch and I was very tired and told him that I want to sit down a little bit. I saw that he went in the shed where he found a lot of strings, and I saw that this little child bound together the trees and I was inside in a circle and he told me this is a sailing and we go on the Danube. I was very happy because he played by himself, it was enough for him that I was there. I was nodded. It was the moment when he began sailing, and he never forgot that he wants to sailing really. Now he could make so special knots from cord that now he can make money from this.

I always felt that he will be chosen because he is addicted this sport. Only the learning of school is going to be difficult because he has to be a private pupil and to pass the private exams. He will be 18 in 24th August.

I would have been to send a photo of his sailing, but he didn’t permit to anybody to put a photo of him on the Internet.


Hello Alan,

I wrote the lyrics, and I think its has a logical explanation.If there are differences between a man and a woman, for example their pronunciation; one say [ˈiːðər] other say [ˈaɪðə] one say [niːðər] other say [ˈnaɪðə] or [poteitou][pota:to] or [tomeito] [toma:to] or [ ˈoɪstəz] [ˈestəz] so they have to understand each other because " if we ever part, then that might break my little heart." So they always agree a compromise with each other, as the compromise is an inevitable part of life.

I can say this is a love-song. What can you think?

Kati Svaby

Hello Kati,

At last I am free, and I am able to write you a couple of sentences. It is great that your grandson is so cute and he is chosen to be one of spotsmen in a sailing team. Sailing is very difficult kind of sports, and it demands many skills to develop. You and your husband might be proud of your granson and I am sure he will become one of top sportsmen.

We miss you very much on our Skype sessions. Please, come and talk to us. There are some new friends there, and they will be happy to get to know you. I am sure.

Best wishes my dear friend.

Talk to you soon,