Hope it gets/will get better?

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Could someone please explain to me whether after phrases such as I hope, Hopefully, etc. Present Simple or Future Simple is required?
e.g.: I hope he gets better soon, or I hope he will get better soon? let’s hope the weather will improve soon or improves soon?

I caught myself saying 'it gets", however I am not quite sure it is right…even though everyone seems to use Present Simple.

Both are okay.

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but is there any difference in use at all? It’s driving me crazy:)

Traditionally there’s a very slight difference in emphasis between the wish and the action. I don’t believe many native English speakers differentiate between the two at all these days.

Thank you very much for your reply, and help.

I would not like to sound annoying, yet I am not completely satisfied with the answer provided. Sorry.
I cannot get it, why Present Simple goes after “hope”. It is clear if we say I hope it helps… but Why do we say I hope he gets better soon??? I was asked by a native speaker, and I could not explain the difference… It is not like “ensure he does/goes” when referring to the future…

I am confused…

I hope he gets better soon?
I also feel difficulty with this sentence.
Is the bold part means “present perfect” or “Continuous present” or " present simple(as usual)" or “future” or what?

It is present simple.

When you say: I hope you succeed, this means I hope you are going to succeed.

When you say: I hope you will succeed, this means I hope that you are definitely going to succeed, suggesting a more positive approach.


Thank you very much, everyone.
It is all clear now.

Is this question grammatically correct?

You need to say
Does the bold part mean…
Is the bold part means…