Hop aboard

Hello teachers and friends

Please tell me what does " Hop abroad" mean.

Hop aboard a summer lake cruise, weather permitting, and catch a glimpse of the famed “Old Man of the Lake,” a large tree stump that has been floating vertically in the cold water for nearly a century.

Hi Serena

‘Hop’ as you probably know, means to jump up and down on one leg but it is also used together with certain prepositions to mean ‘enter quickly’. You can say ‘hop in the car’ (get in the car), ‘hop down the road’ go down the road and ‘hop on a bus’ (get on a bus). Obviously you do these things on two legs but ‘hop’ is used in this way in an informal sense. Your example ‘hop aboard’ (note the spelling) means ‘come onto a boat/ship’ and in your sentence suggests that you get onto a boat and take a cruise.

Alan has indicated a variety of uses. As he cautions, you need to mind the spelling, Sorena. I would say you should consider grammar as well. Your sentence would look better now:

Please tell me what 'hop aboard" means.
What does ‘hop aboard’ mean? Please tell me.
OR (possibly)
Please tell me; what does ‘hop aboard’ mean?