Honey is here. I come to learn English...


i am honey
i love u
i come to here to learn english
i hope to help me

:roll: thanks

Hi Honey
I am newbie in this forum too, glad to meet you here. I am Iranian but was in your country about 5 years ago. I feel the best days of my life when I was in your country and I hope God help me again to come there.
It would be very interesting to see a Saudi Arabic girl here. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to speak with each other in order to increase our English writing abilities and know each other better. looking forward to speak with you from Iran.

God Bless you.

hi arh
thanx for your sweet words

i love to speak with another in english

that is good

I like too :slight_smile: please read your private messages in order to find better way to speak with each other.

Have good time

Mr. ARH,
I am a new member here. Please tell me how to use or send private messages in this forum. I don’t think this is one. This is only an answer adjoining your profile. Where is the privare message button?
Here below is a try, a Youtube URL which could interest you as a Persian or Iranian.
there you find a few Bollywood songs.

Hi Berlinder

you can send a PM to every one by clicking on her/his Username and then Click Send PM.
sorry I could’nt see the your link

Salam Arh,
thanks for the reply.
you could not see the link, because my ignorance did not help me to move over here well.
This forum is like a labirynth to me.
‘pir milenga’ (brocken Urdu) = (let us meet again, see you later, …).
I may reappear here at some unknown time.
till then good luck.



HA HA HA HA HA :wink: