I am studying ‘homograph’ phenom on the web site sie.arizona.edu/sysengr/laugh/homograph.html
But I can’t find any homograph in the following sentence.
When the news breaks, we fix it (The Daily Show).
Could you please show me?

What is the meaning of ‘‘The’re’’ in the sentence?
The’re there for their mare (John Semmlow).


The “news breaks” sentence is in another section of the page which deals with homophones, not homographs. Unlike other sentences in this section (e.g. “Good night my brave knight”), it does not contain a pair of homophones. I’m not sure why it was included. Perhaps they’re thinking that the pun is based on homophones (“breaks” as in “news breaks” and “breaks” as in “fix something that breaks”). Personally, I’m not sure if those two words are different enough in origin to be considered homophones (as opposed to just different uses of essentially the same word).

“The’re” is a typo for “They’re”.